Picnic in Paradise

Well, having fun is different but talking about all those memories, teasing each other has got some special meaning. That’s why even when I’m so tired lying off in bed ready to doze off any moment, I am writing about all that happened today.

It was some hell of a time when we did all those crazy things that can get me laughing so hard even during the troughs. The fun that we had is definitely beyond the words that I know. But at least I can try my best to tell about it to my diary.

Today morning at around 10, my phone rang. It was Pallavi, calling me to accompany her to hospital for which I nodded. Along came Neha and Shravan, two of our very good friends. Continue reading


This one’s for the girls

I would like to say thanks to all the women who make my life special… 🙂
The list of their names can go on for pages, but I would like to name few of my lady friends who have proved to be the most valuable assets of my life.
To start with, I would love to thank my mom who loves me more than anything in the world. And, It is correctly said that

“God cant be everywhere, so he created mothers…” Continue reading

A Simple Truth

What a hectic day!!!

Woke up at 7, rushed through the classes and expecting some more in the next few hours… But it would be totally unfair to lie to my diary as we got a quite cool department. Let me tell you what does the term “COOL” represent. I mean to say that we don’t expect more than 3 hours of continuous classes. And a class must be followed by a coffee break. Even if we have 4 or 5 classes, at least 1 of them will be cancelled. We have become so used to drinking coffee that even it doesn’t serve any purpose in helping us go through the lectures. But since we are engineering students, we know how to deal with “any” situation. And my room mates!!! Whenever they ask me about my schedule, I simply point to my time table written out in bold letters hanging on my cupboard and they have their mouths shut. Sorry guys, you wont be knowing about this fact as far as we are living under the same roof… :p

All right, I gotta go now if I want to catch up for my next class, or I should say COOL CLASS!!! :p

Why this Blog???

Ideas such as blogging does not strike your head everyday!!! And to people like me who hadn’t even maintained a diary yet, this is some big step. By the way, I am Abhinav Jain, an Undergraduate in Computer Science at NIT Durgapur.

That’s quite all about me for now but as I keep posting (or, I should say Blogging), you’ll come to know more…

It was mid afternoon, and as it was the day our mid semesters had ended, I was watching – The Social Network. This may seem a bit off track, but this is the only reason that I am here writing my first Blog. I don’t know what I saw in the movie but the first thing that was all through my mind after it was I should write a blog. I know, the movie is about how facebook.com was developed, and it had the faintest hint about blogging. But that was the part that appealed to me the most. I was just impressed by the way that how everyone in outside countries maintain their blogs and post their day-to-day events online. These things may be big or small, but it was all out there on the net – written in ink. Anyone can see it, read it, comment about it and even tell their friends if they find any of the good stuff there. I think that’s enough of the reasoning part about why to write a blog, because when none of the reasons could inspire me to write a simple diary entry, I am here writing a blog of my own…

See you in my next post… 🙂