The WhatsApp+ Effect

Our 5th Semester had already begun and we were to give interviews for internship very soon.
“This has to be the last question for today. We have completed 4 questions already. I can’t take it anymore.” exclaimed the code-hater part in Pallavi, getting more and more impatient as we struggled our way through the exercise.
“Yup, I guess this would be all for today. But make sure you complete the codes today coz we’ll be continuing with the rest tomorrow.” said the calm me from other side of the table.
“Ummm… I guess we have around half an hour before dinner. You might as well upgrade WhatsApp in my cell then.” said Pallavi throwing her cell at me.
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Day 1 with THE ONE…


WorkaholicWait there guys, don’t go with the title. This does not at all relate to any of the amorous “conspiracies” that I might be dealing with right now :p

It had all started on 15th May this year, when I was supposed to join as junior intern at NIT Durgapur for the project DISARM. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that was much awaited for (at least I thought so). Continue reading

First Exam!!

This is about the time when we had our first exam for the 4th semester. It was no ordinary one either. The name of the subject was “Theory Of Computation” taught to us by Mr. Bibash Sen. These two names are quite enough to send chills through the heart and mind of any CSE student at NIT Durgapur.Everyone had their exam from 9 in the morning and one could easily spot long cues in the bathroom from the other side of the corridor of the respective wing. And those off the cues were performing all sort of rites and rituals, praying just to get pass marks.

I was in my room sitting alone talking to myself about the consequences of what might might occur if I fail today… :-p And I must say, That was a rather fun chat. Continue reading

The Left One…

Today, I came to know about the emotion of being left out…

Peeking behind the scenes might tell you that my class group of three – Pallavi, Durba and me had been mailing the
professors of reputed institutes like IIT’s and NIT’s all over the country so as to get an intern during the summers this
year. Because that way we would be utilizing our time on some project and would be gaining some practical exposure to
research and development field as well.

Our efforts were ON and we were hardly getting any positive replies from any of the professors. Continue reading

The Empty Papers

Finally, the day had come. 2 States – a movie based on one of Chetan Bhagat’s bestsellers was releasing today and as usual, our gang (Neha, Shravan, Pallavi and me) had planned out for that. Actually, I didn’t plan anything, neither did I say a word if I was coming or not. All this had already been taken care of by Pallavi for me by the time I knew anything of it.

She just told me, 2 States is releasing today and the four of us are going to see it. Get ready by 3:30.

I just kept staring at her and she was like, No ifs and buts, I told everyone that you are coming and you have to come.

I must admit, When a beautiful girl says something, you just nod along. :p Continue reading

Mission Accomplished… :D

Yayieee… Phase 2 completed successfully…

Well, Pallavi might be in a misconception that Phase 1 was the only celebration we had planned out. But it turns out that there was something else in store for her. This was all possible because of my sister. If it were not for her, I couldn’t have given her such shocks of joy. I had planned out the most amazing things, but timing, delays, etc – all these things were taken care of by Neha. And I couldn’t imagine what a terrible mess it would be without her. I mean, she was so great in cooking stories every time that a girl like Pallavi who doesn’t buy any story easily slipped into talks. Words are not gonna suffice for everything she did throughout the period of plannings and everything. So, by the rule of the thumb, I’m just gonna say, “My sis is just awesome”… 🙂 😀

And last but not the least, I am grateful to everyone – Harshita, Ekta, Khushbu, Anwesha n Swati for their contribution that they helped me create such an unforgettable time for my best friend.

Lastly, this might be the end of official surprises but unofficially, something more is yet to come Pingu… 🙂 😀

The Treat – Phase 1

Finally!!! Phase 1 completed “successfully”.

– Where the hell are you??, Pallavi was yelling at me on the other side of the phone.

– I’ll be there in a minute. I’m on my way, I told her.

– No, we both (Pallavi and Neha) are leaving in 5 mins. Come straight to the venue. We’ll meet you there and she disconnected the call.

Actually, when I told her that I was on my way, I was in my room checking if the gift which I had made for her was working fine or not. It was Pallavi’s B’day treat which was already delayed due to the Holi vacations we had. And guess what more worse could happen at the last moment. The video which I had made was not working quite the way it was supposed to. Continue reading