The WhatsApp+ Effect

Our 5th Semester had already begun and we were to give interviews for internship very soon.
“This has to be the last question for today. We have completed 4 questions already. I can’t take it anymore.” exclaimed the code-hater part in Pallavi, getting more and more impatient as we struggled our way through the exercise.
“Yup, I guess this would be all for today. But make sure you complete the codes today coz we’ll be continuing with the rest tomorrow.” said the calm me from other side of the table.
“Ummm… I guess we have around half an hour before dinner. You might as well upgrade WhatsApp in my cell then.” said Pallavi throwing her cell at me.
And the story begins –
I carried out the normal installation process – Backup chats in WhatsApp, uninstall it and install WhatsApp+. Everything a normal person would do. It was OK till then, but as soon as I entered details for initializing WhatsApp+, application stopped responding. For geeks, the error was “android.process.acore has stopped working.” You can try your hands on this…: p
I had no idea about what else could be done. So, as a defensive measure (yes, defensive and you’ll know the significance of the word very soon), I told her that the network might be creating some problems, and that she could try initializing the app at hostel.
I didn’t have any idea about what was to follow next.
So, we headed back to our hostels. About an hour and a half later, my phone rang. It was her. I could tell that she hadn’t been able to work it out. And the screaming voice on the other end confirmed this. All I could make out from the call was that I was the sole person responsible for the messenger not working. All her roommates had installed the app successfully and were enjoying it a hell lot showing her off.
Next day in class, I came to know how much serious it was when I saw her not reacting to any of my gestures.
Finally, I said, “C’mon, it’s just a messenger.”
“Yeah, just a messenger!!” she replied, sarcastically.
And it was the final call for the Do or Die Situation.
“Alright, let’s see what’s the matter!!” I said, grabbing her cell.
I connected to an open WiFi network and started troubleshooting the bug. Meanwhile, I could see her cold expressions and killer looks while she sipped her coffee.
“I think we should head to library. We don’t have class for another hour and I could use a proper seat”, I said, hoping to start a conversation. But my words were met with her silent lifting of bag and heading towards library.
I checked on the internet if I could do any better. And Google gives a solution to everything. Whether it works or not is the later part of it. I tried several methods, but none in our favor. At last, the lengthiest one came to my rescue. My eyes were fixed on the screen as I saw the progress bar running. Several thoughts running at once – mind suggesting all the possible outcomes and the further consequences, building all the scenarios.
And HIT!!! The screen reflected, “Initialization Successful. Please press continue to proceed.” Those were the golden words for the day. I hastily restored all the chats and rebooted the app. It worked perfectly. Mind is a prick. Even though the app was working quiet fine, it was suggesting what if the app stopped responding again. But thanks to the app, it never showed any glitches.
I handed the phone back to her. The screen flashed “34 messages off 5 conversations” (She is quiet a chatter…: p) and I tried to look busy with my laptop as if it wasn’t a big deal (Believe me, it was). She checked everything and once satisfied, she gave a big grin. A smile big and innocent enough so as to end World War ll. I tried to ignore, but I guess you simply can’t take your eyes off some things.


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