Day 1 with THE ONE…


WorkaholicWait there guys, don’t go with the title. This does not at all relate to any of the amorous “conspiracies” that I might be dealing with right now :p

It had all started on 15th May this year, when I was supposed to join as junior intern at NIT Durgapur for the project DISARM. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that was much awaited for (at least I thought so). The project was based on relaying messages to different sources in case of a disaster scenario when a continuous network connectivity could not be achieved. This whole disaster state was achieved using a simulator known as ONE Simulator i.e. Opportunistic Networking Environment. And now, I guess you are all clear with the title.

In the beginning, I could not find myself doing anything useful, at least for the first month. Yeah!! I wrote it correct, a whole “month”. My only job there was to go, see in and around the stuff and come back. My expectations were not met with the level of enthusiasm I had joined with. I had wanted something new and I hadn’t had any.

Who am I kidding? It was rather a luxurious life and I was loving it. But the end of it was nigh. It had all changed the day we were called for our status reports. We got some hell of a scolding from our mentor because we had done almost nothing till the time.

It was Friday afternoon when our group was called in the chamber. He started with a MCA guy named Anand. This bought me some time to prepare answers (in exact words, excuses) to questions that I might face the very next moment. It was only a split second, before my ears recognized the name being called out was none other than mine.

And at once, he fired the first question, “What’s the status?”

The answer to this very question by Anand had already led to a long-severe-lecture-that-could-want-you-to-rip-your-ears-apart-and-never-listen-to-anything-ever-again. None of us were ready for more. I had to act quickly or else, another “Blah Blah Blah” was en route.

“Sir…” I stuttered forcing words from my mouth but all in vain. I was too late. Another word gust had just taken over the silence of the room. But this was not even the beginning. He had an extra arrow in his quiver for me. Recently, our semester results were published and almost everyone knew of me being a 10 pointer (I had told you earlier that the results were bit of a shock to everyone. This was my part of the shudder). This had even earned me a disgustful name “10 pointer”, even with our mentor. And he started, “People expect a lot from a 10 pointer. If you won’t be serious, who would be? You must learn to live up to the reputation of this tag that you’ve earned”. And he went on for another couple minutes. All this time, I had been shamelessly smiling through the torture facing to the ground hoping that he doesn’t see my grin.

We managed to live through the act anyhow. But the whole of this agony had some hell of an effect on our work schedules. From that day, we had been working almost 12 hours a day, from morning 10 to evening 10. That’s why even today on Sunday, I am sitting in the lab struggling with some JAVA codes. We have to meet some daily deadlines. But that’s OK, because it has only been 2 days since we tuned in to this hectic schedule.

And I consider this as my Day One with the project, or better to say “Day 1 with THE ONE”. Just hoping things will get “luxurious” again :p


3 thoughts on “Day 1 with THE ONE…

  1. I admire the amount of ‘struggle’ you did to write out this code 😛
    Jokes apart, thanks for taking out time to write this lovely post..
    Btw, I dont see the point of the tag ‘workaholic’, you’re a lazy ****

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