First Exam!!

This is about the time when we had our first exam for the 4th semester. It was no ordinary one either. The name of the subject was “Theory Of Computation” taught to us by Mr. Bibash Sen. These two names are quite enough to send chills through the heart and mind of any CSE student at NIT Durgapur.Everyone had their exam from 9 in the morning and one could easily spot long cues in the bathroom from the other side of the corridor of the respective wing. And those off the cues were performing all sort of rites and rituals, praying just to get pass marks.

I was in my room sitting alone talking to myself about the consequences of what might might occur if I fail today… :-p And I must say, That was a rather fun chat. Only at times like this, you talk to yourself about all the things you will do if go through the current situation well off. For a B.Tech student, the first of them being “Let this semester go, I’ll study seriously from next semester.” But lemme remind you, the shortest relationship in the world is in between a student and the books. We commit for a life long relation just a day before the exam and break up the next day… :-p

In the meanwhile my roommates were back. I asked them, “What are the odds that I might flunk today??”

And everyone was like, “Listen Buddy, if you are gonna start talking all this non sense, then we might have to reconsider giving the exam.”

Plus I’m not allowed to talk such things to Pallavi, because she simply turns a blind eye to all such thoughts that I have and strongly believes in me being one of the mega mind type of guys… Its funny yet positive to be having friends who can make you feel good about yourself all the time and we must admire it.

The papers were distributed, everyone ran their eyes alternating between the paper and the surroundings. I looked through the paper and according to me, the paper was just fine. If one had gone through past years’ question papers, there could have been a strong  chanceof scoring  70 out of 70. My words don’t mean I’m getting a 70.. :-p

I came out of the examination hall 10 minutes early and was waiting for Pallavi outside her class, when she came out with that big sad expression. Actually, the expression was a simple one, but I could make out that she was not happy at all with her performance. Following the lead, I didn’t even dare to ask anything about the exam.

Soon enough, Neha came and both of them started talking about their exam. A point to note, girls have this amazing capability to talk and listen at the same time. I can only listen or talk, multitasking – forget it!! Later Shravan joined in too, and damn it, he was also sad that his exam didn’t go that well. Whatever it was, I said to myself, “a bad day to be looking happy!!!”

So, I rushed back to my room to see how my friends had done. When I reached our wing, most of the people were already there discussing about the exam. I could see that almost none of my friends in CSE had done quite well. As I made my way through the crowd, everyone turned to me with their eyes egged on my question paper asking indirectly how my exam was. I simply said, “It was good” and a moment later regretted it. There is always one person who is ready with a fact irrespective of the what the discussion is all about. The fact, in this case was that according to him, none of the students in CSE had performed well except me. The irony being he didn’t belong to CSE either.

As I made to my room somehow, at the door only, I felt a sudden chill across the veins. The room was in complete darkness. A silence as that of a graveyard prevailed all over. I thought to myself again, “Seriously, a bad day to be looking happy!!” I entered the room and as always turned to Gorai for updating me with the details. He told that Anup had performed quite badly in this exam and was afraid that he might be getting a supplementary. I next asked him about his exam and HIT!! He had performed well. But moments later, he realized that he made a silly mistake of not attempting a complete question in the exam that will be costing him at least a grade. The last person I turned to was Chaithan. A person of silent personality, who always does well, no matter what!! And as expected, he had done quite well. But still, the room was silent and so was I.

And today at the time of publishing this post, the results are out already. And friends, I did perform well in that exam, Gorai did lose a grade because of that mistake, and Anup didn’t get a supplementary. The results came off quite as a shock to everyone. But more on that later…


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