The Empty Papers

Finally, the day had come. 2 States – a movie based on one of Chetan Bhagat’s bestsellers was releasing today and as usual, our gang (Neha, Shravan, Pallavi and me) had planned out for that. Actually, I didn’t plan anything, neither did I say a word if I was coming or not. All this had already been taken care of by Pallavi for me by the time I knew anything of it.

She just told me, 2 States is releasing today and the four of us are going to see it. Get ready by 3:30.

I just kept staring at her and she was like, No ifs and buts, I told everyone that you are coming and you have to come.

I must admit, When a beautiful girl says something, you just nod along. :p

But before the movie, we had an exam on Programming in C++ – our so called last mid-semester. Ironically speaking, this was “mid-semester” but was being taken by the professor just a week before the final semester exams. But the glitters attached to the exam were for Relative Marking. That meant, if everyone got 0, then everyone will be getting 30 on 30.

The exam was on. We were given the question papers. When we found out that the question paper was divided into sets, Pallavi and me quickly took alternate seats so that we could help each other with the paper. But just when everything is all according to the plan, some unwanted events come along. Actually, there were three sets and not two. So, our planning to cheat (if possible) failed. We saw the question paper and exchanged those horrifying glances with each other. We knew at once that we were gonna get some bitter grades.

But what’s a life without some risks??? The whole class decided, no one was gonna write anything on the answer scripts and submit them “Blank”. Since, it was based on relative marking, so everyone was supposed to get 30.

We passed whole of the 45 minutes, staring each other and confirming that no one was writing the exam, especially the nerds. They always happen to know everything… :p

The bell rang, professor said, Stop Writing, and I answered mentally, Oh sure, as if I was writing the whole time.

The invigilators started collecting the answer scripts and one could easily make out the look on their faces when they got the same Blank sheet from everyone just with their name, roll number and set number.

They must also be quite happy within as we had saved them some hell of a time by not writing anything. So, all they had to do was to give everyone full marks… :p

By the time I reached hostel, almost everyone was asking the same question, “You submitted blank paper?”

“OMG, CSE united!!!”, you could hear someone shouting and some others would say, “First time ever in the history!!!” I guess we really did some remarkable thing in the history of NIT, Durgapur…

The word was all out, thanks to the social network. I check in to see the notifications, and it was all full of status updates by our batch mates stating how well they had perfomed in the exam.. Lollzz :p

The phone rang again, it was Pallavi telling that the show was already houseful at Junction Mall. So, we will have to go to Bench, and check if we could catch a show there. So, we left at around 3:30 for the movies.

We reached the mall and luckily got the tickets and were waiting outside the theater when Pallavi poked me to show the girl in blue. I turned to check her out. She was fair complexioned, average height and wearing a blue top. In short, she was beautiful. As I looked, she caught me staring at her and I immediately interrupted the eye contact.

Pallavi was calling out sarcastically, “Yes Yes, please go and say hi to her!! She looks interested in you!!!”

We settled onto our seats and the order of seating was quite a regular one. Shravan, Neha, Pallavi and me. The four of us keep on trying our moves on each other to check if any of us is improving. Well, i took my turn this time on Pallavi by calling out that today, I’ll be watching this movie with a beautiful girl by my side. Others gave a curious look. I simply said, “Just wait and watch”, getting their excitement lifted up to a whole new level.

When I had said the sentence, I meant the beautiful girl would be Pallavi in hope that some creepy and gross guy might be sitting right next to me as it mostly happens. But as others took their seats, the same girl in blue came in our row and sat right next to me. Others started appreciating my sixth sense while I was thinking, Why God? Why? Did we had a fight or something???

I mean, the girl in blue sitting next to me wasn’t bad enough but overall, the joke was on me. My move as those of rest of the times had failed again… :p

We watched the movie and must say, it was a good impression of the book. For the reviews about the movie, there are plenty other sources throughout the web.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we walked our way back to hostel…


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