Mission Accomplished… :D

Yayieee… Phase 2 completed successfully…

Well, Pallavi might be in a misconception that Phase 1 was the only celebration we had planned out. But it turns out that there was something else in store for her. This was all possible because of my sister. If it were not for her, I couldn’t have given her such shocks of joy. I had planned out the most amazing things, but timing, delays, etc – all these things were taken care of by Neha. And I couldn’t imagine what a terrible mess it would be without her. I mean, she was so great in cooking stories every time that a girl like Pallavi who doesn’t buy any story easily slipped into talks. Words are not gonna suffice for everything she did throughout the period of plannings and everything. So, by the rule of the thumb, I’m just gonna say, “My sis is just awesome”… 🙂 😀

And last but not the least, I am grateful to everyone – Harshita, Ekta, Khushbu, Anwesha n Swati for their contribution that they helped me create such an unforgettable time for my best friend.

Lastly, this might be the end of official surprises but unofficially, something more is yet to come Pingu… 🙂 😀


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