The Treat – Phase 1

Finally!!! Phase 1 completed “successfully”.

– Where the hell are you??, Pallavi was yelling at me on the other side of the phone.

– I’ll be there in a minute. I’m on my way, I told her.

– No, we both (Pallavi and Neha) are leaving in 5 mins. Come straight to the venue. We’ll meet you there and she disconnected the call.

Actually, when I told her that I was on my way, I was in my room checking if the gift which I had made for her was working fine or not. It was Pallavi’s B’day treat which was already delayed due to the Holi vacations we had. And guess what more worse could happen at the last moment. The video which I had made was not working quite the way it was supposed to. It was showing some continuous fluctuations that got me really freaked out. Well, what would you do, when you have been preparing for it for quite a long time and everything just seems to be fine until the last moment and finally, when the time comes, all of this goes into vain. For the last try, I pulled myself up and checked out Gorai’s (my roommate) laptop. Actually, I keep a backup of everything important in his laptop too. I checked the video there but it wasn’t working either. But, he also had individual parts of the video too. So i tried making the whole video again from separate parts and I did it. In a hurry to leave, I wrapped up everything and went straight to the main gate of the college. And as they’ve said, they have already left. So, I had to take few long steps to catch them.

Looking at me, Pallavi asked me why was I carrying my laptop to which I told her that I was coming straight from the library. On the way, Shravan (The Hulk) caught up with us too. And we reached our destination – Mehek-e-Punjab. This is a restaurant near our college where they serve as I believe, both quality and quantity.

We sat at a corner table for four. And as we sat, our laughter queen Pallavi started laughing so hard that I had to shut her mouth with my hands so as to mute the sound. Even then the girl wont stop.

As the environment cooled down, we ordered the starters. Now, we had to wait while the food got ready. We had around 15-20 mins. Neha stamped me beneath the table asking for the gift which she had asked me to keep in my laptop bag. With Pallavi just sitting next to me, I found it quite a task and when I was passing the packet, again beneath the table, she noticed my hand was going way too off the table’s permissible area and without a second’s delay, she shouted what the hell was I doing beneath the table. But by then, Neha had already taken the packet. She gave it to Shravan who gave it finally to Pallavi. It was a wrist watch. It was really beautiful and had a red strap. And Pallavi loved it. Moreover, red is her favorite color too.

Meanwhile, Neha eye contacted me and asked me to give my present to her. She told me now was the right time. I whispered I’ll be giving her the present after dinner. But The Hulk quickly moved his eyes as if he was saying, “Do what the girl wants or else…”. There’s a reason we call him “The Hulk”. So I decided to give her the present then only. I opened my laptop saying that I had just remembered what might be the problem in my code. So, I think I can correct it till the food arrived. And Pallavi was so angry, she said she  was not expecting at least this type of stupidity from me at her treat. Regardless of her comments, I turned ON my laptop and opened the video which I had prepared just praying to god that the video would work fine in front of her. Before showing her the video, I asked her if she really thought that I was not gonna give her any present. By then, her eyes were already egged on the video and Neha and Sharavan joined us for the same. While the video was being played, I was just praying and praying for the video to work well and I was shivering quiet a bit as well. But with God’s grace and the effect of my lucky charm, none other than Pallavi herself, the video playback went quiet well.

And about Pallavi, she was very very happy after seeing the video. She thought it was very cute  and she loved my efforts to the core.

She might be thinking that this was all. But she doesn’t have the slightest hint about what’s up next. Well, that’s Phase 2… 🙂

To be continued>>>


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