Picnic in Paradise

Well, having fun is different but talking about all those memories, teasing each other has got some special meaning. That’s why even when I’m so tired lying off in bed ready to doze off any moment, I am writing about all that happened today.

It was some hell of a time when we did all those crazy things that can get me laughing so hard even during the troughs. The fun that we had is definitely beyond the words that I know. But at least I can try my best to tell about it to my diary.

Today morning at around 10, my phone rang. It was Pallavi, calling me to accompany her to hospital for which I nodded. Along came Neha and Shravan, two of our very good friends. Neha is my sweet sister and Shravan, as we call him, Vidhayak ji… We were all set to go to hospital, but who knew doctors aren’t available on Sundays in the hospitals. Since, we had traveled quite a distance, so we couldn’t go back empty hands. And when friends are together, you never know what’s gonna happen next. So, we rushed her to the Emergency ward, where they took her onto a bed and started performing all sort of emergency things. They even attached a cardiograph monitor, and the nurse asked her if she was on drugs at the moment. Ironically, things can turn out to be quite funny at places like emergency wards.

She managed to get herself out of all that anyhow and came rushing to the three of us who were just laughing making jokes at each other. We got out of the hospital and I started looking out for an ATM as running empty pockets especially with girls can prove to be quite fatal… :p

And the worst thing for the day happened. My ATM card had declined because of some unauthorized usage as a result of which I was totally dry on cash for the day for which we had already planned a lot. But that’s the beauty of being with friends. You can never run out of anything, be it cash in emergency or support in hard times.

So, we headed to the picnic spot we had planned for – KMP. Actually, it’s a  park which is overused by couples for getting some alone and quality time. So, we had decided to try that out too, because once you are in college, you must try everything. We definitely didn’t need the alone time, but since we were in the so assumed romantic hub of Durgapur, we could not let this golden opportunity run out for nothing. Hence, we stared and stared at couples who definitely saw us all as a giant pain in the ass. There were times when we even made hissing sounds. And seriously, the girls were quite good at all this.

We had been running on empty stomachs so far, so we decided to stop by and have some food. And Pallavi, who was supposed to eat nothing except curd and ice cream, was the only one trying everything in almost every category, from starters to dessert and when we were finished with the food, she was like, you guys didn’t let me eat anything. I am famished. Lets order something more.

And we continued on our tour. We spent rest of the day clicking pictures, riding swings and “teasing couples”.

But that’s not all. The best part for the day came as the picnic drew near to its end. We had decided to walk the way back to the hostel. On the way, we saw a marriage party that was ready to start off any moment. And, all of a sudden, the idea of raiding the marriage party broke out in everybody’s mind. Just when you think, it’s gonna be all calm and quiet, that’s exactly when someone would shout out a crazy idea. And, without any second opinions, we entered the party. We were all trying to look amused about what a beautiful ceremony it was, but actually our eyes were looking only and only for food. To our disappointment, all we got were only eyes full of sparkles due to all the bright decorations and nothing to eat. But still, I will count it as one of my most daring acts that I had ever did…

And we walked back to our hostels with all these memories that are gonna stay with us forever. And whenever I’ll think of what crazy things I’ve done in my college life, I am definitely gonna remember this time… 🙂


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