A Simple Truth

What a hectic day!!!

Woke up at 7, rushed through the classes and expecting some more in the next few hours… But it would be totally unfair to lie to my diary as we got a quite cool department. Let me tell you what does the term “COOL” represent. I mean to say that we don’t expect more than 3 hours of continuous classes. And a class must be followed by a coffee break. Even if we have 4 or 5 classes, at least 1 of them will be cancelled. We have become so used to drinking coffee that even it doesn’t serve any purpose in helping us go through the lectures. But since we are engineering students, we know how to deal with “any” situation. And my room mates!!! Whenever they ask me about my schedule, I simply point to my time table written out in bold letters hanging on my cupboard and they have their mouths shut. Sorry guys, you wont be knowing about this fact as far as we are living under the same roof… :p

All right, I gotta go now if I want to catch up for my next class, or I should say COOL CLASS!!! :p


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